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We’ve carefully selected ingredients and packaging that not only fulfills their role in an aesthetic realm, but with the environment, too. When it comes to our ingredients, we’ve ensured each component has been ethically sourced and has not been tested on animals. Plus, all our products are vegan!

To put it simply, the soap is all about styling and brow hold. While we’ve incorporated ingredients to help nourish the hairs too, if you’re looking for hair rejuvenation and growth, that’s when you turn to our Styling Brow Gel. Both set brows and nutrify, yet have primary powers. 

For your natural lashes to grow, you need to apply the serum on those hairs, rather than the extensions themselves. In saying that – the serum certainly won’t affect your extensions nor break down the glue, making them extension-friendly. 

Ideally you should apply any brow colouring products (such as pencils and powders) before using our Brow Soap or Styling Gel. This ensures maximum effect and hold longevity!